Hill Workout #1

Find a fairly long and steep hill. Just for comparison, think of something similar to the Grosvenor Hill at Gibbons Park, the big hill at Harris Park, or the Hill at Brescia College (beside the road). Find a small loop (approx. 400-500m) at the bottom of the hill. This is a continuous workout, which is best in cold weather, as you are not standing around.

10 minute warm-up jog

Mobility/Warm-up Drills and Stretching


6-8x loop + hill


loop: start at easy run pace and gradually accelerate so that when you hit the start of the hill you are running hard (not sprinting, but a pace that you could not sustain for more than 10 minutes and cannot talk while running).

hill: hard up the hill. Focus on driving your arms and legs, looking UP the hill. Easy jog (not walking) down the hill.


10 minute EASY jog