mobility & Strength Training

mobility routine

after run stretching

In cold weather, it's best to do this routine 10 minutes into your run, to allow your muscles time to warm up.

10x A Skips

10x High knees

10x Butt kicks

10x Sweepers

10x walking quad stretch


Heel and toe walks

Stretching and mobility exercises after your workouts are important to recovery. Runners World and Canadian Running Magazine will both are articles with pictures and video on different routines

Some daily injury-prevention exercises that are great are:

  • Hip lifts (double leg and single leg)

  • Calf raises on the edge of a step

  • Single leg toe touches

Strength and mobility training workouts

I will try to post some workout ideas here, however I would strongly recommend the Nike Training Club App. It's free and has a ton of workouts with full videos.

Some of my favourite workouts that build hip, ab, and glute strength (which is what many distance runners lack) are:

  • Glute and Hip Strength

  • Quick Hit Lower Body

  • Jump Start

  • Quick Core Crunch

Some longer, full body workouts that are well suited for runners are:

  • Complete Crush

  • Peaks and Valleys

  • Pace Breaker

  • The Descent

  • Burpees, Bounds, and Bridges